Learning Objectives: Unit 11: Lesson 2

Introduction to Single Variable Polynomials
  • Identify the terms, the coefficients, and the exponents of a polynomial.
  • Evaluate a polynomial for given values of the variable.
  • Simplify polynomials by collecting like terms.

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
  • Add polynomials.
  • Find the opposite of a polynomial.
  • Subtract polynomials.

Multiplying Polynomials
  • Multiply monomials.
  • Multiply monomials times polynomials.
  • Multiply two binomials.
  • Multiply any two polynomials.

Multiplying Special Cases
  • Square a binomial.
  • Multiply the sum and difference of the same two terms.

Dividing by a Monomial
  • Divide a monomial by a monomial.
  • Divide a polynomial by a monomial.

Dividing by Binomials and Polynomials
  • Divide a polynomial by a binomial.
  • Divide a polynomial by another polynomial.

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